Sewon Corporation has become one of the largest health food developer in Korea with annual sales revenue of
7.5 million US dollars. Sewon's employs nearly 30 people.

Sewon opened a new chapter of biotechnology in Korea with distributing functional health ingredients for the food and beverage, including Yeast, Bee, Oil, Herb product. Sewon is renowned as a market leader in the bio-chemical industry as it sustains its competitive edge in the global market.

Health food market is a field has a limitless potential energy  by separation of dispensary from medical practice and open policy of government.

Sewon is the company where a Health food market  recognition received abundant experiences and accumulated know how from the domestic functional food market early days with raw materials of good quality and the most reasonable price. Sewon distributed a functionality material and we'll  appointment gives best for all kinds of information and distinguished product development of new items.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have been unsparing in encouraging and collaborating for the development of our Sewon as the biggest leading food developer in Korea. Your continued kindest support and encouragement will be most solicited more than ever.

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